Single-Serve Brewers

Fully Compatible with all K-Cup® Pods


Our patent-pending Rapid Brew Technology features Flash Heating to heat the water to the optimal temperature for brewing coffee. The Flash Heating very quickly channels piping hot water to the coffee pod. The flavor grooves in our XBold Cups swirl the water through the grounds for better flavor extraction to release more of the bold aromas and flavors that coffee lovers crave. Our brewers do not have an internal water tank to avoid any bacteria breeding ground. Touch brewers deliver an exceptional, truly statisfying at-home cafe experience.

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Full-Body Coffee, exactly the way you like it.
Fully compatible with K-Cup® Pods.
True freedom of choice.
Unlike the leading competitor, TOUCH brewers brew at the optimum temperature, up to 200°F for extracting full-bodied flavor.

Our patent pending Rapid Brew Technology starts brewing in under 20 seconds. Plus, TOUCH Brewers heat only the water needed—on demand—instead of heating an entire tank of water, making them as energy efficient and reliable as they are fast.

In addition to the optimum brew temperature, TOUCH Brewers feature an extra efficient brew cycle that maximizes water-coffee contact, resulting in a richer, bolder taste in every cup.

Choose cup sizes from 6 oz to 18 oz, or brew an entire carafe*. You can even brew into a large travel mug without sacrificing taste. Whatever the size, you'll enjoy a rich, bold cup of coffee, every time.

* On selected models


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